How the Retreat works

How it works

On either your arrival evening or more usually, the next morning you will meet with Anna for a Co-create your Retreat session. This is when you will discuss what you are wanting to experience during your retreat.  During the session Anna may also guide you through an intuitive process or meditation to align you with your retreat purpose along with links to any other divine energies appearing to welcome you.

During the course of your Retreat, Anna will be working intuitively to achieve the best combination of options for you. Everything is flexi as it is important to flow with the Retreat energies as they arise. Throughout your retreat time Anna will honour your desires and intuitively guide you in the areas you are wanting to explore e.g. relaxation, healing, renewal, Soul connection, insights, and all the way through to advanced Soul and Spiritual development. She has been facilitating in this capacity for 24 years.

Retreat styles

Here are some sample ideas for your retreat, any combo is possible:

  • SELF......Soul Energy Leading First...consciously connecting with your Soul essence
  • Explore your Life questions and Life Purpose potentials 
  • Discover Your BLUEPRINT aka your vibrational signature
  • Learn what living in the Juicy NOW means
  • Awaken or increase your intuition and spiritual awareness
  • Connect deeply with the nature realms, Mother Earth and Gaia
  • Cosmic Life Force Energy training 
  • Experience moving into and sustaining higher frequencies of Light
  • Open into and flow with the multi-dimensional Cosmos
  • Deep Healing
  • Relax, Reconnect and Re balance
  • Complete chillax for when you are exhausted or in need of total down time

For the retreat to flow harmoniously, 2- 4 person Retreat participants will need to be in reasonable agreement regarding what they want to experience during their retreat.

Marahau Retreat

Marahau Retreat sits on 15 acres of land, much of it regenerating bush. It’s a peaceful setting…abundant in nature, close to rivers and the sea with an amazing choice of activities and stunning places to visit in the area. A gorgeous location for those wanting retreat space and or a base for outings. On the property is a mountain fed gully stream, plenty of white quartz crystals in the earth and the climate is lovely. Warm to hot in summer, winter is cold but stunning with few people, very quiet and quite special; spring and autumn are absolutely delightful and bursting with colour. The surrounding nature feels soft and lush but of course dryer in the hot season. Rain here is a truly wonderful experience.  Sunrise is spectacular! Moon and starry night skies equally spectacular!

Set on a rise in Marahau Valley, Marahau Soul Retreat is next to the Abel Tasman National Park. The park’s entrance is an enjoyable 10-12 minute walk down the road and we have fabulous elevated views over the Abel Tasman National Park, Marahau beach front and river. Sunrise is spectacular! Moon and starry nights equally spectacular!

A major part of Marahau Soul Retreat is the energy of the land itself which is peaceful yet vibrant…..all encompassing....healing...actually it feels quite timeless, a great zone to enter during your stay in this remarkable part of the world. Our natural quartz crystals elevate the
frequency of the land, co creating with nature and the elements to provide a large vortex of clear energy and Light. It can be so refined here that sometimes it honestly feels like being in another time and place…

Balanced, harmonious and awakened states can be accessible here. It’s up to you what you want to experience during your Retreat, much awaits an open heart.

Your Retreat

Each Retreat is completely unique and weaves its own  perfect magic. The entire Retreat is designed to be a true sanctuary;  a place offering spiritual succour, sacred space, amazing occurrences, powerful release and meaningful reflection.

The Retreat is constantly inundated with Cosmic and divine loving energies inviting a  homecoming to new levels of your authentic self. These beautiful energies also offer a chance to (often quite seamlessly) purify and realign yourself to your pure divine essence. A place where you can feel warm, safe, cocooned and uplifted...of course at times the energies are dynamic, challenging and transformative depending on what sort of Retreat you seek....frequently during your Retreat we will sink into profoundly relaxed zones and  inspiring spaces. Healing spaces. Opening spaces. Calming spaces. We are not hurried.

We will speak our truth within the sanctuary of holy ground to uncover new insights, new treasures and realisations. We will sing mantra and meditate. We may dance and move to create freedom and joy. We will open our hearts to the Light and LOVE of Creation and explore your strongest Soul's and Heart's felt desires. We will also work on practical applications for your daily life. Nature and the elements are an integral part of your Retreat, we will commune with them and experience wondrous connections with Mother Earth and Father Sky, the sun, the moon the stars and the planets. Mysteries will unfold. Over and over again on Retreat, alchemy and blessings occur, the Retreat will help you to notice them. "Beyond right doing and wrong doing there is a field, I'll meet you there."

The Yummy Food

Vegetarian, vegan nourish bowls. Dairy, gluten & mostly grain free meals plus juices, smoothies or soups are provided as part of your Retreat Package.  Breakfasts are super wholesome and include things like: fruit salad, grawnola or grain free bircher mueslis,  smoothie bowls, grain free pancakes, warm buckwheat  or oat porridge etc.

You can also have bread for toast and spreads supplied in your Chalet. Lunchtime is usually a hearty main meal and dinner is soup, light salad or juice depending on what you fancy. Oh and of course there delicious healthy treats for those who like a little something sweet. All meals are made with love by Anna, they are simple but super healthy and satisfying, and are delivered to you daily in your accommodation.

For retreat guests wanting to shift into a healthier way of eating, the food at your Retreat will help support this and give you a boost. Anna is very intuitive with her cooking so if you want a recipe for something you loved you need to write it down the next time you see her as her meals are very "in the moment" and she won't always remember exact ingredients by the next day! Our guests say they LOVE the food at Marahau Retreat.


Our sea view Chalet is basic with a touch of chic and has some of the best views in Marahau. It's a lovely walk down the road to the Abel Tasman Park entrance, beaches, water taxis, kayak operators, paddle boards, local store, cafes etc. The covered deck has elevated views over the ocean, Fisherman Island, Marahau River and Abel Tasman National Park. 

The Chalet
Is an old cottage which was moved onto the land by previous owners. Guests say it's super relaxing and they sleep well. Everything is rustic and casual but appealing with details like quality linens on the bed and eco friendly soap choices in the bathroom. You are surrounded by nature, so there are happy insects about (we don't use window screens or poisons), birdsong, amazing energy and gorgeous views. The Chalet has a deck and contains a separate bedroom with a queen size bed, a kitchen living area with basic cooking facilities, fridge, dining table and sofa with double sofa bed option for twin share or extra person bookings. Bathroom is very simple with a shower, toilet, heated towel rail and vanity.  The WIFI is rural based and can be slow sometimes but generally we have no problem using it.  Please note that your accommodation is not serviced during your stay but fresh towels and linen are available as needed. View images of The Chalet

Also view the Goddess Retreat which can be used during 2-4 guest Retreats.

Arrival & Departure times

Arrival time is between 3pm and 5pm on first day of retreat and departure time by midday on day of departure unless otherwise agreed. On your arrival day you will have time to relax until your first session which starts between 5-7pm depending on when you arrived.

If you want to arrive earlier than mentioned above that is potentially fine but please check this beforehand. Anna will be super busy getting everything ready so you will need to be happy looking after yourself till your Retreat begins. Anna will bring you an early meal to have either before or after your opening session in the Yurt.

Please note:

That for the retreat to flow harmoniously, 2-4 person retreat participants will need to be in reasonable agreement regarding what they want to experience during their retreat.

During 2-4 person retreats there is no individual private time with Anna, however private sessions can be booked at an additional cost.


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