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Anna has been guiding meditations for 25 years. She is an expert. Her meditation gatherings and retreats are highly sought after. It is said she has the ability to lead you where you have always wanted to go but never been able to find...

There are many who spend a lifetime trying to access the Divine within, these Meditation & Experience packages are designed to lead you there

Anna says

Welcome and thank you for visiting this page 

I have so many amazing guided meditations, experiences and connections I want to bring you...all with the focus of helping you embody Lighter Living and Divine evolution. 

Watch this space! 

Much love to you,
Anna xxx

P.S Suggestions are welcome

Meditations & Experiences with Anna

After 30 years of intense evolution and guiding Souls along the Spiritual Path, Anna has a wealth of wisdom, expertise and cosmic links she now decided  to share with you. She is currently focused on distilling these into packages to help you access this wealth via meditations and experiences.

An expert in her field, Anna has been teaching and running meditation groups for years. Her meditation gatherings, 1:1 sessions, retreats and other services are highly sought after as she has the ability to lead you where you have always wanted to go but never been able to find...

Products for your Evolution

The current packages

Daily Foundation Synergy Meditation Package
- suitable for all levels
Anna highly recommends for everyone $99

Divine Essence Connection Package
- suitable for intermediate to advanced levels $120

Upcoming packages

- Healing your Original Wound of Separation
- Soul Connection
- Self Compassion
- Self Love
- Meditate with the Beloved
- Sacred Places Series
- Behold God
- Inner Sanctuary
- How to increase your Intuition
- What going with the flow really means
- Authentic abundance and how to invite it
- Connecting with the Elements series

Please note that the suitable for "levels" recommended refer to where you are at on you body-emotion- mind-soul-spiritual awareness and development pathway. Use your intuition to select which packages feel right for you


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