The Cosmic Life Force Energy & Anna

The Cosmic Life Force Energy was gifted to Founder & Principal Anna Filliol in answer to a heartfelt prayer. Anna writes about the effect of the Cosmic Life Force Energy in her life. 

Little did I know that not only would the Cosmic Life Force Energy help me to build and maintain a healthier energy flow in my body, it would also transform my body's ability to deal with and recover  faster from stress, injury or sickness and lessen their occurrence as time went on. My emotions and thoughts  became smoother as the Cosmic Life Force Energy emptied out old blocks and untapped fears. For some time, until the process was complete, I felt as if the Cosmic Life Force Energy was simply dissolving all thoughts other than creative thinking, My consciousness felt like it was unfolding exponentially and my connection with all life deepened in a completely intuitive, natural and harmonious way.
Meditations and mantras became more profound and Light flooded all aspects of my being creating amazing ideas or solutions along with the drive, focus and energy to pursue the ones that interested me. I became very free within myself as the energy disintegrated outdated aspects of myself. It became simple to think outside any last bastions I held of the tribal consciousness box.
The Cosmic Life Force Energy became my teacher and guide, it shed light through my mind and began to dissolve my lower mind thoughts, initially as they arose and then before they could arise. As it moved through me in waves of Cosmic states, its language was the language of energy not words, it whispered into my heart and allowed my mind to easily let go and empty out...ah such bliss. It flowed in my daily life and in my work with clients. It helped create powerful clearings and healings in myself, in the land, and in others. And now from where I stand, I am aware that the ongoing physical and energy improvements I had prayed for so earnestly, turned out to be just a tiny (but integral) part of a vast ongoing transformation.

I love the way the Cosmic Life Force Energy seems to "gobble up my non useful thoughts" and brings me easily into the present moment. It somehow enables me to sustain my presence there more and more each day. This is freedom!

The great thing is, you don't have to be perfect to receive the perfection of the Cosmic Life Force Energy system.

The CLFE has and continues to transform me on every conceivable and...inconceivable level.  
Thankfully and humbly, I am now at the point where I am able to share this opportunity for transformation and harmonious living with you. If you decide to join me, you will become part of a pure Cosmic Light wave, bathing you, bathing the spheres, bathing the world and elevating all in its path. Come! 

A brief story of how Anna came to the Cosmic Life Force Energy and how it came to her! 

During a summer period which was filled with visitors, instead of being able to enjoy myself, I just felt completely exhausted. At one point I was stirring a pot of something on the stove and my daughter said, “Mum what are you pulling that face for?” I thought I was smiling but it turned out I was grimacing LOL! I realised then that I needed to find a new way to operate in the world, I wanted an energy that I could sustain. I was already living a “pure” life (eating super healthily, no caffeine, no white sugar, no grains, vegan, regular exercise, optimistic living, meditation, chanting mantra, living and working my vocation, experiencing frequent flow in life, spiritually evolving, consciously drawing in prana and so on) however I was still regularly  physically drained of energy after working or social interactions and was feeling the limitation of this in my life.

Nearly all my life I had struggled to maintain my energy levels plus I had a sensitive system with delicate health. I had spent years consciously developing excellent practices to balance, heal and transform my body, mind and spirit and it was a powerful journey… challenging, rewarding, amazing and yet, although intensely evolving, I was still not accessing fully what I knew deep inside was my birthright. There was so much I wanted to be able to create in my life but concerns for my practical ability to do it without becoming exhausted influenced many of the choices I made. Having said that, I accepted the status quo and managed  quite well but like I said, I felt limited.

So back to stirring that pot with that grimace on my face! After the guests had all departed (and that included having to cancel one lot because I was literally too tired to have them), I prayed. I prayed that somehow my life could change and that somehow, I would be shown how to be in command of how I utilised energy. I prayed fervently, deeply, from the depths of my being laid bare and my aching heartfelt desire… I prayed to be able to fulfil my true vocation in life and be of service to all life.

Enter the Cosmic Life Force Energy
A few days later I was in conversation with a gifted light worker regarding energy. At one point in the conversation I heard myself say “it’s time to turn off the tap,” and that’s exactly what I did. Very soon after that the Cosmic Life Force Energy entered my life in a series of powerful energetic flows. And it hasn’t stopped.

Sharing the Cosmic Life Force Energy with the world
After many months of being guided and transformed by the Cosmic Life Force Energy, Anna is ready to teach, initiate and activate this exciting energy in the world. She has developed the First Wave Foundation technique and is sharing it with those who are called to re-ignite their being with this Divine Cosmic Force. The energy is both practical and mystical, subtle yet undeniably powerful and  life changing for the better!


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