About Divine Aura Sprays

All Divine Aura Sprays are individually hand created by Anna using focused intention as she links with the Divine energies that infuse each bottle. The energies are of a spiritual nature in co creation with essential oils, sound vibrations and all the nature realms. Anna experiences the making process as deeply joyful and sacred while she interacts with the Cosmos to form a bridge between Heaven and Earth to birth each amazing bottle of “Light”.  Divine Aura Sprays are designed to support you in the most appropriate and uplifting frequencies accessible in any moment and have the potential to adjust perfectly to your particular requirements.

Divine Aura Sprays are created uniquely for each person. They are heavenly, smell divine and make wonderful gifts as well.

How to use your Divine Aura Spray

Shake bottle, cover your eyes with your hand and then spray 3-6 times around your aura starting above your head and moving downwards. Also spray into any space you occupy including rooms, car, work space, over bed or onto bath water. Use to clear, focus, re-charge, uplift, protect and access peaceful or meditative states. Be creative as to how your Divine Aura Spray can be used. Do not use on animals.


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