Divine Aura Sprays are relaxing, uplifting and joyous and come in a gorgeous array of colours and essential oils. Every spray bottle is handmade by Anna and is unique in its creation process.
Whilst making your Personal Divine Aura Spray, Anna tunes in to you (or who you are gifting) and into the energies of the Cosmos, from here the co-creative alchemy begins to flow directly into your bottle. The sprays are made with the intention to support your current energy requirements and for your well-being on all levels. Next they are left to "rest and develop" mostly out in nature and then they are off on a mission to co create with their perfect partner i.e. you.

"Within each spray is a noticeable liveliness which I believe keeps people coming back for more. People love the surprise element of these products as they are so special and smell divine" 

No bottle is ever the same! 


$55 per spray bottle. 
$240 for a Deeper Message emailed to you

 A Deeper Message is written by Anna. It contains info, guidance, tips and encouragement from the Cosmos in relation to your unique spray bottle and how to use it . You will also receive messages of insight, support and guidance from the Cosmos in relation to your life. 

Some people enjoy getting a duo or trilogy set of Divine Aura Sprays. In this case your Deeper Message will include all the bottle's frequencies in the message.

Postage is extra @ $10 per bottle or as quoted by Anna

Please note

All information on this website about the making, the uses and potential effects from using any Divine Aura Spray, is based on energy and intuitive vibrations and there is no scientific research involved. 

This also apples to any written Deeper Message accompanying a Personal Divine Aura Spray. 

When you purchase a Divine Aura Spray or a Divine Aura Spray & Deeper Message, you are acknowledging this for yourself and also on behalf on anyone you order for and gift a spray to. 


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