Personal Pathway Programmes

Knowledge starts to matter and have relevance from the moment you are putting it into action. The teacher guides the way
but the student needs to walk it.

Would you like a tailor made Mind, Body, Soul energy practice programme?

Packages designed to meet your needs, intuitively curated by Anna

Personal Pathway Programmes are an opportunity for you to start a regular wellbeing practice at home.

Your programme is tailored in one of two ways:
1. What Anna creates for you from her intuitive perspective
2. From what you  specifically want to work with as the start point and she will intuitively create from there

Tailored Personal Pathway Programmes are for beginners to advanced.


Your Personal Programme package will come in the form of:
- 1 x 20 minute consultation with Anna by phone or Zoom 
- Daily Foundation Synergy Meditation Package (more info below)
- A recorded message about your unique Personal Pathway Programme
- A recorded introduction about each 20 minute guided meditation below 
- 2 x 20 minute Guided Meditative recordings
- Any relevant notes from Anna 

Your tailored Guided Meditative recordings are a combination of some or all of the following: various wellbeing practices, divine contemplations & alignments, energy nourishment, meditation spaces, spiritual teachings and more.

How does it work?

After a 20 minute consultation with Anna to discuss your needs, she will email you the Energy Support Meditations for immediate use while she is creating your Personal Pathway Programme.

You can work with your Energy Support Meditations and Personal Pathway Programme any time in the comfort or your home, car or sitting somewhere peaceful out in nature. All you need is a mobile phone or computer to access the recordings. 

Please note that your programme is designed to feel clear, simple and accessible however, it is important to understand that underpinning the practices and meditations, are profound energies and complex processes distilled by Anna into palatable offerings. 


$399 *special new service offer*

 Anna will take  1 - 3 weeks to put your package together. She needs several hours to contemplate, tune in, create, develop and record your programme. Whilst you are waiting you can use the Energy Support Meditations to prepare for the arrival your Personal Pathway Programme.

To order your Personal Pathway Programme please contact Anna to book your 20 minute consultation and then make payment to confirm your appointment.

Daily Foundation Synergy Meditation Package

The following 10 minute meditation recordings are to be used to prep yourself while you await the arrival of your Personal Pathway Programme. It is also recommended you do them on a regular basis to support your overall wellbeing. 

They may appear simple but they are for all levels of practice and are potent. The more you do them, or the more advanced you are, the deeper the effect.

Click to learn about the meditation package below


The recordings above will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment for your Personal Pathway Programme.

CLEAR, HEAL, NOURISH & BALANCE package can also be purchased separately for $99. To purchase please make payment and then email Anna with the details of your order.
Please note that these are a great addition for those who are doing Cosmic Life Force Energy training

Personal Pathway Programmes are potent energy distillations and teachings curated by Anna


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