In Divine Healing, Anna is your initiator, guide, facilitator, guardian, divine observer and reporter, however it is your Soul which calls the session into Being and orchestrates exactly what will unfold in the session. As you can imagine each one of these healings is completely unique. They are very powerful, go profoundly deep, can be richly expansive and may be either/or/both physical and/or super Cosmic at times...whatever your Soul directs. They frequently bring through Divine Soul Essence connections and more. At the same time they also work beautifully through your "lower levels" e.g. mind, body, emotions etc. Clearing is done as required. No post session recorded message debrief is the same!

The level of expertise required for Anna to offer this fully intuitive free flow healing style arises from nearly 30 years of healing training, healing work, spiritual work and dedication to walking as Light. This is currently Anna's preferred healing style as it is so all encompassing. Contact Anna to book

Please note that as with most healing processes, more than one healing session is often required.

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 1 hour session
With recorded message $333

Child 0 -12 yrs

45 min session
With recorded message $265


Small Pet 30 mins
With recorded message $165

Bigger Pet 45 mins
With recorded message  $225

Healing venue: Long distance on the Inner Planes


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