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About the Inner Planes

The Inner Planes are divine spiritual places which express in the Timeless Cosmos. They operate "unseen" by most, however this doesn't mean they don't exist. Under the auspices of God and within the realms of Divine Cosmic Light, there are limitless opportunities to access deeper connections with the mysteries of Creation. The Inner Planes offer some of these mysteries . You may have read about or experienced the Inner Planes through guided meditations or written teachings.

The Inner Planes are realms where Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, Cosmic Light Beings, Specialist Light Teams, Master Energies and Heavenly expressions operate from various etheric spiritual retreats, healing complexes, ashrams, hallowed grounds, sacred halls, pure Cosmic Light frequencies and more.

You, Anna & the Inner Planes

Anna has access to Divine Healing and Wellbeing spaces on the Inner Planes, where she works with many souls. She has her own Divine Complex there filled with great beauty and Light. With her, you too can access the Inner Planes to receive energy healing, spiritual succour, Soul rest and much more. Here, vibrations and offerings are constantly flowing to support your wellbeing needs. During your visit you will be supported and uplifted by Divine Energies and Cosmic Light vibrations.

Anna is ongoingly developing her Divine Complex on the Inner Planes. It's an evolving creation of Temples, Halls of Light, Meditation and Blessing zones, God hubs, Cosmic Life Force Energy hubs, Healing spaces, spiritual surgery areas, Rest & Rejuvenation places, sanctuary cocoons, exquisite grounds and much more.  It's also holds home base centre for all  Light Crew Volunteers.

Time on the Inner Planes

The Inner Planes operate as Timeless Cosmos. Within the Timeless Cosmos Anna is able to open up Elongated Time for you. In simple terms, this means now you can beneficially experience non linear Earth time. For example, one hour of healing or rejuvenation in linear Earth time can be experienced as months or years in non linear Elongated Earth time. This is an exciting and substantial development regarding the extended level of healing, rest and rejuvenation time you can now receive in a very short space of linear aka regular Earth time. More info coming soon

Group Events

The following Group Events take place on the Inner Planes:
Healing Waves
Deep Rest & Rejuvenation Sessions

I look forward to taking you to the Inner Planes where together, we shall enter Holy Ground


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