For when you want the full physical check in

During a Deep Physical Focus Healing, Anna works deeply (fine tooth comb vibes) through your physical systems as they highlight to her in the session. She uses specific techniques and can also focus on any specific areas you wish her to. She may also need to work on facilitating the correct flow of Cosmic Life Force Energy within you. Clearing is likely to be in the mix as well. Your mind and emotions are attended to as a by product of the healing energies as all healings are wholistic but Anna's main focus/attention is on your physical body. 

As with all Healing, Rejuvenation & Clearing sessions Anna offers, Anna is your initiator, guide, facilitator, guardian, divine observer and reporter, however it is your Soul which calls the session into Being and orchestrates exactly what will unfold in the session. As you can imagine each session is completely unique.

During your Healing, Anna works wherever she is guided to. The work is very deep so not every system in you body will be focussed on nor mentioned by Anna in your message. Your whole Being on all levels does however, receive healing energies. Please note that as with most healing processes, many people require more than one healing session.

Because Deep Physical Focus Healing includes intense technique driven energetics, it can be physically taxing on Anna. This means she works with you exclusively on your appointment day. The prices below  reflect this. Contact Anna to book

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1hr 15mins $600


 Child 0 - 7 yrs - 30 mins $240
Child 8 - 12 yrs - 45 mins $360
Child 13 -16 yrs - 1hr $480


Small Pet - 30 mins $180  
Bigger Pet - 45 mins $280

All of the above costs include a recorded message debrief after your session, emailed to you. 

Healing venue: Long distance on the Inner Planes


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