Divine Energy Programmes for You

Anna loves creating innovative programmes for your support, wellbeing and development. They are done long distance and are energy based. All programmes can be done as often as you choose. Each time you will be different and so will they!


New 2022 Programmes coming soon

8/8/2022 RIDE THE WAVE!

22 Day Divine Cosmic Energy Support Flow

More info coming soon. Places very limited. Book now

How the programmes work

Anna operates these life enhancing programmes from her I AM Presence on the Inner Planes and from her Creation Being in the Golden Fields of Creation.  When a programme wants to birth and share itself, Anna will offer it.

For the duration of your programme, Anna works with your Soul Presence both in real time i.e. known set times and at all times in the timeless Cosmos. The programmes take place as you go about your daily life. You can optionally sit and meditate in real time with Anna or not, but many report this to be a wonderful experience. How does this work? In simple terms, your Soul Presence interacts and gathers all the programme experiences and energies offered by Anna and then shares/filters this to the rest of your Being including your body-emotions-mind/thoughts-energy field and more.

Overall it's a co-creative process between you-your conscious Being-unconscious Being-Soul Presence and Anna; along with all the Divine Energies that arise throughout the programmes. It's BIG and beautiful!

Who can do the programmes?

Because the programme is a "soul to soul" experience, anyone and everyone can do them, depending on the programme. Adults, children, babies, pets...actually, all God's creatures, animal, vegetable and mineral!
Please contact Anna to ask more if you need to.

Private 1:1 Programmes

Some of you may prefer to experience a tailor made 1:1 individual programme or e.g. family programme.

This is all possible. Please contact Anna for more info.

Your acknowledgement

By choosing to sign up, pay for and participate in any of the programmes Anna offers, you understand and agree that the basis of all these programmes is a spiritual energy service. The programmes are not a replacement for professional treatments.

Inner Plane Volunteer Programmes

Info coming soon. Contact Anna to register your interest.


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