Anna & the Programmes

Anna is constantly shifting and evolving. You are constantly shifting and evolving. The programme themes shown here are to give you an idea of some of the offerings she can create for you as groups or as private participants.
Anna will offer programmes as she is guided and many of them aren't on this list! 

Group programmes offer personal yet exponential experience and Private 1:1s offer tailor made options.
Both are divine and potent.

The linked Programmes shown right are up and running and the others are themes to ignite your senses and give ideas to those looking to work 1:1 with Anna or put together a tailor made programme.

Programme themes

7 Day Divine Cosmic Energy Support
22 Day Divine Cosmic Energy Support

7 Day Creation CREATION
3 Days of Divine LOVE influx
3 Days of showing up to receive Love
3 Day Float in the Great Cosmic Ocean
3 Days in Divine Mother's Arms
3 Days of Divine Blessings & Light Infusions
6 Days of  Divine Healing
7 Days of Intense Light Infusion Sessions
22 Day Ascension/Embody Light
7 Days in Communion with God
3 Days with Yeshua
3 Days of Holy Spirit Saturation
3 Days in Christ Consciousness Arising

Private 7 Day Vaccine Energy Support/Recovery
Private Tailor made 3, 5 & 7 Day Programmes 


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