Book Anna to work with you in REAL TIME  before, during and directly after your vaccination as follows: Anna will be focussing on you energetically and at the ready for 30 minutes before your appointment time, working with your energy and sending intermittent recorded messages via FB messenger or text during this time. 

At the exact time of your appointment she will be gauging and working intensely with your energies for an hour i.e. Light levels, Light traction and physical, emotional, mental, energy body requirements, clearing as required, amelioration of energy curve balls and more, to help optimise your recovery success. There will be ongoing communication during this time as required.

This is highly skilled and super refined work requiring a cutting edge level of cosmic expertise. She calls it Covert Vaccine Ops! It's done via FB messenger or text. 


- 1hr 30 mins with Anna in real time REAL TIME
  (30 mins leading up to your vax & 1 hr immediately post vax)
- Receive a recorded message debrief at the close of the hour.

Cost: $555

There are very limited spaces for this service so please book well in advance. 

Anna says "this Real Time service can be a game changer in the speed of your overall recovery for it offers immediate energy support and potential damage control/amelioration of tricky energetics"


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