Anna strongly recommends you do 1-5 of these sessions post vax


Book intense Healing, Energy Support & Light infusion sessions as required, to help you recover and thrive as quickly as possible post vax. These sessions can also be used over the days, weeks or months following your vaccination.

Body areas of particular importance that Anna has noted through working with clients at all stages of the vaccine process are: Immune System, Circulatory System including Heart & Blood, Brain & Nervous System, Organs and Muscular Skeletal System. 

All other systems including Urinary, Respiratory, Digestive, Body Chemistry, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Hormones and Reproductive are very important too but the top four as mentioned seem to be hit the hardest initially.

Format & Cost

-1hr 30 min session (either in real time or time capsule released when you are asleep)
-Receive a recorded message debrief, sent to you after the session via FB Messenger, email or text. (Not applicable for 1 hr sessions)

1 hr: $222 (no recorded message post session)
1 hr  30 mins: $333
3 hrs Healing Session Package: $600
5 hrs Healing Session Package: $999

Packages offer flexibility and value. Healings can be spread out over weeks. No expiry date.


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