Vax Support Package - for all vaccination shots and boosters. This is highly recommend and gives best value


- 30 day access to the Vaccine Recovery Programme
- 1 hr Pre vaccine Energy Prep/Healing session
- 1 hr 30 min Vaccine day REAL TIME support
- 1 hr post vaccine Energy Support/Healing session

COST: $1,200  (value $1,418)
Add Boost your Light from $600

Please note that it's very likely you will need to continue with the Vaccine Recovery Programme for longer than 30 days. The Vax Recovery Programme is available to purchase anytime @  $333 per 30 days. This programme generates an enormous amount of light within you which makes it beneficial on many levels.

30 day Remote Activation Vax Support for all vaccination shots and boosters


- 1 hr Pre vaccine Energy Prep/Healing session
- 30 min REAL TIME support (light traction) during your   
   actual vaccination appointment**
- 1 hr post vaccine Energy Support/Healing session
- 30 day Remote Activation Vaccine Recovery Programme*

COST: $1,460
Add Boost your LIGHT from $600

*If a longer Remote Activation Vaccine Recovery Programme is required you can purchase it at $600 per 30 days however, so far 30 days has shown to be adequate especially if additional  Healings are being received as well

**Please note that the 30 minute Vax day REAL TIME Support is not as described below. Ask Anna for more info

Details of what's included

1. Vaccine Recovery Programme

The Vaccine Recovery Programme is one of the unique and cutting-edge CREATION PROGRAMME series created by Anna Filliol. It is simple to use and includes Pre-Vaccine and Real Time Vaccine Prep and Vaccine Recovery.  

There are many levels of Divine Cosmic Energy Support layered into your Vaccine Recovery Programme including energetic: clearing, protection, detox, elevation, healing, reignition, revitalising, harmonising, activation of beneficial effects, neutralisation of adverse effects, Light infusion, Light building, Light stabilisation, energy assimilation and more. The programme's main focus however is to help you bolster up, regain and then increase your Light frequencies throughout the vaccination stages i.e. pre, during and post vaccination.

Your Divine Intelligence knows exactly what to do with the programme and how to deliver it to all levels of your Being in alignment with your free will. This is super cool!

2. Energy Prep/Healing Session before vax

Give your whole being the opportunity to ready for the vaccination. Like a distant Healing and Light infusion session but with focus on prepping all levels of your Being for the vaccination and aligning you with it in a balanced way. This could include releasing resistance. Session is done  long distance via FB messenger or text communication and you will receive a recorded message sent to you email after the session

-1 hr session (either in real time or time capsule released when you are asleep)
-Receive a recorded message debrief, sent to you after the session (via FB Messenger, email or text)


3. Vax day REAL TIME Support - 90 mins

 Anna works with you in REAL TIME  before, during and directly after your vaccination as follows: Anna will be focussing on you energetically and at the ready for 30 minutes before your appointment time, working with your energy and sending intermittent recorded messages via FB messenger or text during this 30 mins. 
At the exact time of your appointment she will be gauging and working intensely with your energies for an hour i.e. Light levels, Light traction and physical, emotional, mental, energy body requirements, clearing as required, amelioration of energy curve balls and more, to help optimise your recovery success. There will be ongoing communication during this time as required.

This is highly skilled and super refined work requiring a cutting edge level of cosmic expertise. She calls it Covert Vaccine Ops! It's done via FB messenger or text. 

There are very limited spaces for this service so please book well in advance. 

Anna says "this Real Time service can be a game changer in the speed of your overall recovery for it offers immediate energy support and potential damage control/amelioration of tricky energetics.

4. Post vax Energy Support/Healing Session

Post vaccination you can book  intense Healing, Energy Support & Light infusion sessions as required, to help you recover and thrive as quickly as possible post vax. These sessions can also be used over the weeks and months following your vaccination.

Body areas of particular importance that Anna has noted through working with clients at all stages of the vaccine process are: Immune System, Circulatory System including Heart & Blood, Brain & Nervous System, Organs and Muscular Skeletal System. 

All other systems including Urinary, Respiratory, Digestive, Body Chemistry, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Hormones and Reproductive are very important too but the top four as mentioned seem to be hit the hardest initially.


-1hr session (either in real time or time capsule released when you are asleep)
-Receive a recorded message debrief, sent to you after the session via FB Messenger, email or text. Receive a recorded message debrief, sent to you after the session via FB Messenger, email or text.

If you need additional Energy Support/Healing sessions after completing your Post Vax Support Package:

Extra support

After completing a Vax Support Package you will have had one post vaccine Energy Support/Healing session as part of the package. For most people, between 1- 4 additional Energy Support/Healing sessions is an excellent choice in self care. Why? Because the vaccine will be travelling through your body for some time and it is worth continuing what you have started with the energetic support. This will also harmonise beautifully with your continuation of the Vaccine Recovery Programme over the weeks post vax.

Cost options

1 hr - $222:  no recorded message post session
1 hr - $265: with recorded message post session
1 hr  15 mins - $300: with recorded message post session
Join Group Healing Waves at $99 per session learn more


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