Many people are concerned and uncertain re the vaccine question. Currently I am working with clients offering vaccine support and vax info from an energetic perspective and look forward to supporting you.

I respect your choice to be vaccinated and am here to offer you options for potential neutralisation of adverse effects and enhancement of any beneficial effects. By offering energy support, it does not mean I do or do not endorse the vaccine or its efficacy. I do however, support the Divine within all life and hold a great a desire to transmute shadow from wherever it stems along with transcending duality to encompass all life. Please check out all the prices and info below. 

Vax/Booster Support options & Prices

Why additional support?

Some people will fly through their vaccination experience just using the self activated Vaccination Recovery Programme described above, many others are more sensitive and will need additional support. In Anna's opinion, the support options below can add huge influxes of Light, Cosmic Power and Divine Healing into the mix and are a must for those wanting to feel extra confident in their overall wellbeing.

 Anna recommends everyone does the Vax Support Package which is great value and includes the Vaccination Recovery Programme. For those who prefer to mix and match their options this can be accommodated. 

Your understanding & acknowledgement

By choosing to sign up, pay for, receive, and participate in any of the programmes or services Anna offers, you understand and agree that the basis of these is a spiritual energy service and that you take full responsibility for your own wellbeing. All Anna’s CREATION PROGRAMMES are energy based, very new and cutting edge. So far with all participants there has been positive feedback and many successful outcomes. Having said this, the CREATION PROGRAMMES and any of Anna's services, are not a replacement for professional services and treatments. Please note that there is no scientific proof backing any of Anna’s programmes, especially the Vaccine Recovery Programme, there is no scientific proof backing it nor does Anna offer any promise or guarantees of success. 


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