Divine Rejuvenation Sessions

in the Timeless Cosmos

Is it time for a long deep rest, nourish and recalibration?

 I am very happy to offer you profound resting and rejuvenation periods. You can do this privately 1:1, in group Rejuvenation Sessions or as part of Group Programmes when they are offered.

Anna describes this service

During a several week period, with1:1 Divine Healing sessions on the Inner Planes, something wondrous began occurring for my clients. In almost every session, clients were "taken" into what I call Elongated Time within the Timeless Cosmos. 

What this means is that your Being gets the opportunity to experience long periods of non linear Earth Time within two hours of linear Earth time. This is because your sessions take place in Elongated Time within the Timeless Cosmos. E.g. Client K in her 1 hour Healing session, actually spent 2 yrs 8months Earth years via Elongated Time within the Timeless Cosmos.


Now I know this may sound rather mind bending but it's actually happening in the ethers! I can't give all the reasons why but I can tell you that it is happening. From here I began to understand that this was how the ancients were able to spend many years rejuvenating themselves or deeply resting, without actually wasting the short years of their Earthly lives.

What I have described so far is a simplified version of this extraordinary discovery and there will no doubt be all sorts of beautiful unfolding around this.

About Divine Rejuvenation

As with all Healing and Clearing sessions Anna offers, Anna is your initiator, guide, facilitator, guardian, divine observer and reporter, however it is your Soul which calls the session into Being and orchestrates exactly what will unfold in the session. As you can imagine each Divine Rejuvenation session is completely unique.

During and after your session

You could experience any of the following:
- profound rest and stillness
- energy nourishment
- cellular renewal
- energy infusions (e.g. Love, Light)
- "be still and know God"
- recalibration
- refuge and respite
- refreshment
- Mind, Body, Soul resets
- spiritual advancement
- and anything else your Soul orchestrates

How Rejuvenation is delivered

2 x 1 hour sessions are done via long distance, one in Real Time while you lie down as Anna opens/guides the Rejuvenation experience for you and the second one as a Time Release Capsule for when you are asleep that night (in the wee hours). 

You can opt to receive a recorded message debrief directly after the session, to your email. Please note that if, after receiving your recorded message post session and want to discuss your session further, you will need to book a 1:1 session with Anna at the usual rates.

Book your 1:1 Session

VENUE: Long distance on the Inner Planes


2 hours linear Earth time of Divine Rejuvenation in non linear Earth time (years in Elongated Time) within the Timeless Cosmos


$999 with recorded message


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